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From here you can save precious time to get the FIV card which is necessary to participate in sailing or regattas. The FIV Card is recommended to every sailor who participates in all the activities of the FIV, the membership entitles you to insurance coverage against accidents.

With the new sporting season, the registration will start without delivery of a plastic card (with activation of the dematerialized card) which will also allow the activation of new functions such as, among others, the consultation of one's data and the display of the FIV calendar regattas, in a first time and at full speed also the registration to the Regattas, the display of the Official Register with all the press releases and rankings. The “My Federvela” App can be downloaded from 1/1/18 from the Android and Apple stores on the smartphones of individual members.

The membership regulations can be downloaded at the following link: Normativa Tesseramento FIV

All FIV members during the sailing activity benefit from the "basic" insurance connected to the membership. The policy conditions can be downloaded at the following link: Sintesi delle Condizioni della Polizza Infortuni FIV

For the first issue and / or renewal of the F.I.V. you will have to fill in the form below with the requested data, some documents are required that must be sent to the secretariat at the email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

• Choose the type of card and fill out the form below with the required data
• Submit the copy of the bank transfer
• Valid medical certificate for non-competitive sporting activities
• Copy of identity document and tax code
• Any authorization to change companies (only for members who carry out competitive sailing activities in possession of a type B certificate), the authorization can be downloaded at the following link:: Modulo di richiesta nulla osta per cambio di società

The members of the Italian Sailing Federation are required to comply with the appropriate rules Codice di comportamento etico–sportivo federale.

The health coverage of the FIV card
The new accident prevention policy linked to any type of FIV membership provides for coverage of health costs up to 2,000 euros (100% improved compared to the previous one) and with a reduction of the deductible from 150.00 to 125.00 euros. In addition, a daily allowance of 35.00 euros is foreseen for hospitalization expenses without deductible and for a maximum of 30 days. This coverage is valid for any FIV card (VelaScuola, Sailing School, Pleasure, Promo FIV, Ordinary, Plus). From an analysis, this coverage is one of the best offered today in the amateur sports sector, with better conditions than the minimums defined by the Decree Law of 30 November 2010.

The liability coverage of the FIV PLUS card
At the time of renewal of the FIV membership, with an additional cost of only € 20.00 it will be possible to subscribe to the new FIV PLUS Card which, in addition to the accident prevention coverage described above, also offers Third Party Liability (RCT) coverage, mandatory for those participating in sailing regattas. In particular, the new third party liability policy linked to the FIV card, which until last year was only provided for sailboards and kitesurfing, from 2019 is proposed for coverage on any dinghy (including sailboards and kitesurfing), will no longer be associated with the boat but with the card holder, through its Tax Code. Therefore, a card holder in possession of an FIV PLUS card will automatically have RCT coverage to participate in regattas with any drift, thus being particularly useful for those who want to change class during the year. Compared to the previous RCT coverage, the new policy offers further advantages: the ceiling is raised from € 1,500,000.00 (minimum required by law) to € 2,500,000.00. Furthermore, the deductible for damage to property is reduced from € 250.00 to € 25.00. The policy will be valid anywhere in the world during federal activities or structured activities (training, regattas, etc.). The cardholder in possession of an FIV PLUS Card will then be facilitated in the registration phase for the regattas as, upon presenting the new card, he will not have to show any other documentation certifying possession of a RCT coverage.

Attention: the passage from the Ordinary Membership to another type of membership is not allowed unless two consecutive years of non-renewal have elapsed.

The Federal Card is valid for the current calendar year and expires on 31 December of the same year. It is recommended that you check your card and verify the expiry date of the medical certificate, then submit the new certificate to the secretariat. In the event of an expired medical certificate, the athlete will not be able to participate in the sporting events of the club and the FIV.

We guarantee immediate issuance during office hours, remembering that the medical and accounting certificate of the transfer are a necessary condition.

Choose the type of card and fill out the form below with the required data!

Tessera F.I.V. Ordinaria 2020 - valida per le regate (obbligo presentazione certificato non agonistico, di tipo A)
Costo € 30 ( € 25 tessera + € 5 segreteria)

Capacity: Unlimited Individual Price: € 30,00

Tessera F.I.V. Plus Ordinaria 2021 - valida per le regate (obbligo presentazione certificato non agonistico, di tipo A)
Costo € 50 ( € 45 tessera + € 5 segreteria)

Capacity: Unlimited Individual Price: € 50,00

Tessera F.I.V. Diporto Velico 2021 - valida per le veleggiate (senza obbligo presentazione certificato medico)
Costo € 15 (€ 10 tessera + € 5 segreteria)

Capacity: Unlimited Individual Price: € 15,00

Tessera F.I.V. Juniores 2021 13 - 18 anni - valida per le regate (obbligo presentazione certificato non agonistico, di tipo A)
Costo € 25 (€ 20 tessera + € 5 segreteria)

Capacity: Unlimited Individual Price: € 25,00

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