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General Conditions and Responsibilities:

Art. 1: All the activities of the SkipperClub S.S.D.A.R.L. are reserved only to the members. To make the payment to participate in one of the activities, it means to request the contextual affiliation with the SkipperClub S.S.D.A.R.L. and to implicitly subscribe the "General Conditions and responsibilities", for the achievement of the purposes Institutions of the same. A copy of the conditions is also automatically sent to the registration form of the activity to the registrant's e-mail address. Participation in the course and/or event is reserved for adults. Minors will be able to participate in the events only if accompanied by their parents or guardians, who will be in charge of their strict control and upon subscription of the registration form and forwarding of the documentation indicated therein.
Art. 2: The share of participation in the activities must be paid in a single solution at the time of registration, subject to several agreements with SkipperClub S.S.D.A.R.L.

Art. 3: In the managed activities of the SkipperClub, the rules are dictated by safety in every situation, respecting the needs of the individual and those of the group, compatibly with the achievement of the objectives.

Art. 4: The sailing course or event we propose is recommended to dynamic people with willingness to collaborate with fellow travelers. The participants collaborate in the kitchen for the preparation of the meals, the washing of the dishes, the cleaning of the boat and the manoeuvres. On board the relationship with the travelling companions will be marked by a sense of maximum collaboration in every phase and moment of the life on board. The accommodations on board are sporty in the cabin, so all participants will have to agree to share in full this adventure on the sea. The boats used in the SkipperClub are varying in length from 10 to 16 meters and are equipped with 2/3/4 double cabins with 1 or 2 WC/shower. It is advisable to bring sleeping bags or sheets with pillowcase, waxed, golf or sweater, windbreaker as well as 2 swimsuits, sunscreen and lip stick, cap and sunglasses, shoes with white rubber soles, all trying of course to contain the Luggage to the bare minimum using nautical bags (soft) easy to stow.
Art. 5: Waivers, penalties and nullity clause. In the event of a waiver, the activity participant will have to communicate it in the registered office by means of a return receipt by attaching a medical certificate attesting the inability to attend the event. Up to 45 (forty-five) days before the event the activity participant will be entitled to a reimbursement of 50% of the registration fee. Up to 30 (thirty) days before the event the activity participant will be entitled to a refund of 30% of the registration fee. Cancellations received beyond the 30 (thirty) days before the event will not be entitled to any reimbursement. The present declares nothing within the meaning of art. 1892.1893, 1894 C.C.

Art. 6: The company may cancel the event at any time, without a doubt the obligation to return the sum paid. The organization can also cancel the event when the minimum number of travelers provided in the program or in the supplementary booklets is not reached and always that this is brought to the knowledge of the participant at least 3 days. Before departure. SkipperClub assumes no responsibility for cancellations or changes due to the decisions of the organizing sailing circles (FIV).
Art. 7: Incidence of risks/interruption. The sailing course or event is meant to be accepted ' at each event '. The participant is at risk of any interruption due to force majeure such as failure of the boat, adverse weather conditions, injury to the skipper/instructor or one of the participants or any other cause which is not Attributable to a fact, act or omission dependent on the serious negligence of the company and/or the skipper/instructor. The anticipated landing of the participant before the end of the event will be considered as the early conclusion of the event.

Art. 8: The programme is intended to be ' subject to change '. Changes to the original programme may be made at the discretion of the skipper/Instructor in consideration of the weather conditions or supervened needs of the participants if accepted by SkipperClub, and without payment of allowances and/or Compensation to the participants themselves in any way. SkipperClub is relieved of any liability arising from any change in the environmental and meteorological conditions of the navigation zone. The participant will renounce any action of revenge against the company.

Art. 9: Each participant is the keeper as well as the boat and its accessories also of its own objects or personal effects and personally replies in case of theft, loss or damage. If it is not possible to identify the material performer of the damages the amount of the repair of the boat or its accessories will be divided by the number of the participants. Skipperclub does not respond to values left or forgotten or not kept diligently on the boats used.
Art. 10: Civil coexistence, hygiene and civic sense. For the civil cohabitation both at sea and during the parking of the boats in port, it is not allowed to disturb with its behavior the ordered civil cohabitation, and to provoke situations of discomfort. Control the emission of sounds or noises or any activity that may disturb the quietness of others. It is forbidden to all participants to compromise in any way the hygiene both inside and outside the boat. It is forbidden to leave or dispose of waste on public land, discard or disperse cards, bottles, cans, wrappers, cigarette butts and any other object, even small volume at sea.
Art. 11: The insurance coverage provided by SkipperClub is stipulated by the National Sports Promotion agency AICS, it is valid until the hours 24 of August 31 of the year in progress with the end of the validity of the membership. The AICS insurance policy is compulsory for all the boarders and is included in the course fee as well as providing a number of facilities. It is the obligation of the traveler to denounce the claim by filling out the claims forms for liability or accident. The accident policy is valid if you present a medical certificate of good health in the course of validity, each participant is advised to take care of it personally. The full text of policy is downloadable from the Internet site
Art. 12: For any dispute concerning the execution and/or interpretation of these general conditions and responsibilities, the Parties agree to submit to the prior attempt to reconcile the arbitration and Conciliation Chamber of Foundation of the Chartered Accountants of Milan, under the conditions contained in the regulation of the room itself. In case of failure of the conciliation attempt, the Milan bar will be responsible for the dispute, and the applicable law is exclusively the Italian one. SkipperClub will respond, unless it proves that it has behaved with diligence, the injury possibly caused to the card, in any case, including the failure to fulfil its obligations as organizer of the event in the maximum limit of euro 100.00, 0 for Any kind of damage (to people or things), for each participant.
Art. 13: Privacy statement ex Art. 13 D. LGs 196/2003: SkipperClub, owner and controller, treats the personal data supplied in an automated manner, for the purposes inherent in the activities and/or to update on initiatives and/or offers. The member may contact the company to know any other names of data processing managers. The personal data will also be made available to the persons responsible for the processing operations. And so, the subjects who will be aware of such personal data will be, in addition to the directors or managers and the appointees, the operators of the following sectors: mailing, marketing. You will be able to exercise the rights of art. 7 of D. LGs. 196/03 (update, rectification, integration, deletion, anonymous transformation or blocking of data treated in violation of the law, opposition, request of the information referred to in the subparagraph and referred to in letters a), B), C), D) and E of the II By contacting SkipperClub The Subscriber authorizes the publication of his personal images taken by SkipperClub and its operators during the course of the activities for advertising purposes. It also forbids its use in contexts that undermine its personal dignity and decorum. The installation and the use of the images are to be considered made in free form. You can obtain the complete information by writing to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. the undersigned/a hereby declares, in addition to the senses and for the effects of which Art. 1341 and 1342 C.C., to have carefully examined and expressly accept the terms and annexes of the "General conditions and liabilities" recalled by number: ART. 1, ART.2, ART.3, ART.4, ART.5, ART.6, ART.7, ART.8, ART.9, ART.10, ART.11, ART.12, ART.13

The Company assumes no responsibility for any circumstance arising from the non-observation of this regulation.

Last Updated: January 2018
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