Tips & Tricks

Is this your first time on a sailboat?
Follow our vademecum with all the useful tips to deal with this wonderful adventure and equip yourself with the best!

How to arrange baggage?
The first rule is to limit the equipment to the bare need and to focus on practicality.
Rigid and semi-rigid suitcases are not allowed on board, alternatively you can use travel bags, bags and backpacks for waterproof and easily stowable boats.
You will also have to get a sleeping bag-summer or winter according to the period-pillowcase and sheet.
Even in summer the temperature can go down considerably, so make sure you have an endowment of items to overlap to keep you warm. A fleece sweatshirt or a heavy sweater cannot be missed. To protect yourself from the sun, equipped with long-sleeved T-shirts and lightweight anti-scalding trousers. Very useful also a waxed with characteristics suitable for the type of navigation. For a summer cruise it may be enough to have a light bike, type K-way with trousers, while in winter you will have to use a waxed with excellent watertight properties.
Don't forget hat, sunscreen and sunglasses. If you use eyeglasses, also obtain a safety tip to avoid losing or breaking them.
Shoes with white rubber soles, to be used exclusively on board, and rubber slippers for the shower are also indispensable.
Make sure you have a 12v battery charger for your mobile phone.
If you want, you can also bring on board camera, camcorder and music CDs to personalize your travel soundtrack.
Would you like to embark on special equipment such as scuba diving cylinders, fishing rods or other? Make sure you have the permissions and remember to report it before embarkation.

How to prevent sea sickness?
A general advice is to eat little by giving preference to dry foods such as crackers, rusks, bread and biscuits.
- At breakfast avoid drinking coffee, milk, juices or beverages that bring acidity
- Avoid getting under blanket while sailing
- Cover up well and avoid shivering
- Avoid drinking alcohol
If necessary, you can use more specific remedies such as Travelgum, bracelets or Xamamina.
And finally, some recommendation:
Before embarking, remember to inform the sailing instructor skipper in case of:

- Clinical problems (e.g., allergies to drugs or food intolerance)

- Aquatic problems (fear of water, fear of going with the head under water, poor ability in swimming).

The adventure at sea requires a spirit of adaptation and good skills of collaboration. Keep in mind that the accommodations on board are in double berth and that all participants will be involved in the board tasks such as preparation of meals, cleaning and maneuvering.

Good wind!
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